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APPROVAL #:        SCHOOL NAME:                          PHONE NUMBER:               CITY, STATE:



  M-12-003                    EHOVE                                         419-499-4663 x280          Milan, OH

R- 9/7/12

M-12-006                    J.D. Rockefeller CC                   (304) 564-3337         Cumberland,W. V. 
R- 2/21/13
M-12-002                    SkilledCare                                  513-459-7455                    Mason, OH



M-12-005                    Ashtabula County T & C             440-576-5545              Jefferson,Oh
M-12-004*         Great Oaks Adult,                        513-771-8925                    Cincinnati, OH.
                                     Carol Klotz


Rev. 07/25/2013 - SJ

LPN IV Therapy: Law & Rule Module

This module is designed for Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) or Licensed Vocational Nurses (LVNs) endorsing into Ohio from another state, having completed an IV Therapy Course in that state. All courses approved by the Ohio Board of Nursing for education through the OBN Approver Unit located at the Licensed Practical Nurse Association of Ohio, Inc, (OBN-002-92). This activity has been approved for one (1.9) hour CE credit. An attachment to the Ohio IV Therapy Laws & Rules Study Module and Post-Test will be emailed upon receipt of payment. Your test results and certificate will be emailed unless you choose "mailing' options. Click HERE to Order Online (Be sure to Scroll to the very bottom of that page)

For Educators & Providers of IV Therapy Courses 

The basic initial application process for an LPN/IV Therapy Course will follow the processes outlined in Policy #CE.App-002, Approval Process for CE Learning Activities and Policy #CEAPP.005, Faculty Directed CE Activities. The process for the re-approval of an LPN/IV Therapy Course will follow the processes outlined in Policy #CE.App.003, Re-Approval Process for CE Learning

Activities. Slight variations in the forms required are a result of the information required for approval of an Ohio Board of Nursing LPN/IV Therapy Course as outlined in Administrative Rule 4723-17.
LPNAO reserves the right to deny any application for approval or re-approval of a continuing education activity based upon content which is in congruent with the laws and rules of the Ohio board of Nursing and/or the philosophy, policies and procedures of LPNAO.  Click HERE 
to order Online.