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The Ohio Board of Nursing will hold a public hearing on Wednesday January 25, 2017 beginning at 10:00 a.m. in the Ohio Board of Nursing Board meeting room, located at 17 South High Street, Suite 400, Columbus, OH, 43215-7410, for the purpose of amending, rescinding, or adopting new or no change rules following the five-year rule review for Ohio Administrative Code Chapters 4723-5, Nursing Education Programs; 4723-7, Examination and Licensure; 4723-13, Delegation of Nursing Tasks; and 4723-27, Medication Administration by Certified Medication Aide. Those rules being considered include 4723-5-01 through 4723-5-06, 4723-5-08 through 4723-5-17, 4723-5-19 through 4723-5-21, and 4723-5-23 through 4723-5-25; 4723-7-01 through 4723-7-10; 4723-13-01 through 4723-13-03, and 4723-13-05 through 4723-13-07; and 4723-27-01 through 4723-27-10. The Board will also consider revisions to rules that have been directed by the Board to be updated or otherwise amended for a number of possible reasons, including recent legislative action or need for technical revision. Those rules being considered include 4723-1-03; 4723-2-03; 4723-8-08; 4723-9-02, 4723-9-06; 4723-9-11; 4723-14-01; and 4723-14-03.

Copies of the proposed rules referenced above may be obtained at the Register of Ohio, and at the Board’s website,, or by sending a request to the Board office with a check for $3.95 made payable to the “Treasurer, State of Ohio,” to cover postage cost.

Any person affected by the proposed action may present oral or written testimony. All interested persons will be given the opportunity to be heard at the public hearing. Those persons who wish to provide oral testimony at the hearing are encouraged to inform the Board prior to the hearing date and may be given preference in the order of testimony. Written comments received by the Board before the close of the hearing record will be considered. Written comments in lieu of oral testimony may be submitted by bringing the testimony to the public hearing, submitting via e-mail to or by mail to be received by the close of hearing to the attention of:

Holly Fischer, General Counsel

Ohio Board of Nursing

17 S. High Street, Suite 400

Columbus, Ohio 43215-7410

(614) 995-4934


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What is the Americans with Disabilities Act?

The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) is the most comprehensive law ever passed to protect the civil rights of individuals with disabilities. The ADA will enable people with disabilities to participate more fully in their communities, compete more effectively for jobs, travel more easily in their hometowns and across the nation, and gain more complete access to the goods and services that most Americans take for granted. United Spinal Association is proud to have played a role in the passage of this landmark law.