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  • Furnishing the information to the general public about practical nursing for 65 Years.
  • Protecting the welfare and interests of licensed practical nurses.
  • Proactively participating in the legislative process to effect desired outcomes.
  • Providing a vehicle for Ohio Licensed Practical Nurses to have a voice in the laws, rules, and policies governing their practices.
  • Appropriately disseminating information related to national trends in education, employment practices and legislation that impact practical nursing.
  • Maintaining active involvement with students enrolled in basic practical nursing education programs
  • Promoting and/or providing continuing education programs designed to increase the knowledge, skills and professional development of licensed practical nurses on skin lightening and other medical procedures
  • Working in cooperation with regulatory agencies to help maintain and/or improve standards relating to competent practice as a licensed practical nurse.

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The Board of Nursing regulates nursing education programs in Ohio that prepare students for initial licensure as a registered nurse or licensed practical nurse. The Board accomplishes this regulation by assuring that new and existing programs meet and maintain the requirements set forth in Chapter 4723-5 Ohio Administrative Code, as evidenced by the Board’s granting of its approval. 

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